Survive To Flourish Book

Survive To Flourish Book

Survive to Flourish– A Guide to Wellbeing. 

 Leaving school without any qualifications left limited opportunities growing up in a Pit town where the mines were shutting down. But with an appetite for adventure, and learning new skills, it was never going to be about finding a secure job or chasing the money. 

Uninspired by his last two years of education, reflected in his poor attendance, Kev left school with no desire for civilian work, but he knew he was going into the military. YTS mechanic to RAF Aircraft technician, then onto the Royal Marines winning best recruit in training. 

Leaving the military injured would test him to his limits, but he would find his feet, and his compassion, as a 'poacher turned gamekeeper' whilst teaching the hardest to reach kids.

Performance coaching, lecturing at university and working in the film industry followed on after a decade of teaching in education. His next project would be a culmination of his entire skillset, a natural evolution into creating the Leg Up Project CIC, a men's health group that continues to grow and change lives.

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